Samovar Store has an extensive inventory of high quality European groceries as well as home-style food prepared in our kitchen.
Customers like our selection of Polish (Pulaski, Andy’s, Sokolow, Bobak brands), German (Ehmer, Gaiser’s brands), Russian (Alex’s, Alef, Euro-Am, Russian Food, Red Square brands) and Hungarian (Pick, Bende brands) meats.

alef_meat1Among most popular items are Pierogi, Pelmeni and Vareniki (Eastern European dumplings). We offer over 15 varieties of dumplings from five companies located in USA and Canada.

pelmeni1High quality European and European-style cakes are very popular as well. Among most popular brands are La Balcon (Los Angeles), Natali (Israel), Roshen (Ukraine), Mirel (Russia), Laima (Latvia)